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Technology moves almost at the speed of light with new products and services being offered just about every day... and we currently have busy schedules and not a lot of time to keep up with everything, so 30 Second Technology was born!

We provide you the necessary information to feel informed, and the resources to learn more.

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Our lives moves fast and daily activities of maintaining families, work and responsibility, extra-curriculum activities takes a balancing act. During the scope of a day, most of us tend to lean on our electronics during idol time for global and local news, email, traffic, scores, social media, games, and of course, the next big thing in technology. is a stream-line site that works perfectly on your PCs (and MACs), smartphones and tablets, providing news and tips in technology in one spot with a social media feel in 30 seconds or less.

On our site, after reading any story, you will be able to interact within the article, as well as share it to just about any social networks and email, making it just that easy and fun to share valuable information to family, friends and colleagues.

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30 Second Technology


Founded: 2013


...making tomorrow's technology understandable and useable today!

Location: Matteson, IL